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Membership into the Southwest Psychoanalytic Society is open to everyone interested in psychoanalytic thought and its clinical and theoretical applications.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Members receive reduced fees to all major scientific programs.
  • Members may attend all meetings at a reduced fee and may earn continuing education credit.
  • Scholarships to major programs are available to members based on financial need.
  • Members may join committees of SPS and develop strong collegial relationships with other members.
  • Members are listed on the SPS website.
  • Members may present at SPS workshops and meetings.
  • Members can arrange to have one-to-one mentorship with advanced clinicians.
  • Members may use the SPS listserv for distribution of information appropriate to the SPS mission.

Who is eligible for membership?:

  • Licensed or certified clinicians
  • Psychoanalytic candidates
  • Early career licensed clinicians (first 3 years of practice) and psychoanalytic candidates
  • Pre-license certified clinicians working toward full licensure
  • Residents, students, and interns who are interested in exploring psychoanalytic thought and developing clinical skills
  • Non-clinicians who are interested in psychoanalytic thought as applied to literature, art, films, child development, parenting, relationships, and many other areas of interest

Annual Membership Dues:

Licensed/Certified Clinician (renewing) $200.00
New Clinician Member (1st year only) $100.00
Early Career Clinician (first 3 years of practice) $100.00
First Time Clinician Member – Retired*$100.00
Candidates $100.00
Resident, Student, Interns, pre-license clinicians$50.00
Non-Clinical Academic $75.00

*Membership fees for retirees will be waived for those who have maintained membership in the Society for at least two years.

How do I become a member - Here is the Process 

Download and complete the  Membership Info & Application Form

Then Email or Mail the following:

  1.  Completed Membership Application
  2. CV and a brief statement
  3. Clinicians - Include your CURRENT AZ License and Insurance

Once your application has been approved and voted on you will receive notice of your acceptance. At this time you will be added to our members list and can then pay assessed dues online or mail a check.

Or If You Have Questions - Please Contact: 

Tucson—Barbara Inselman-Temkin, PhD,, 520-990-0147

Phoenix—Richard Gottlieb, MD, PsyD,, 480-477-7793