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Membership into the Southwest Psychoanalytic Society is open to everyone interested in psychoanalytic thought and its clinical and theoretical applications.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Members receive reduced fees to all major scientific programs.
  • Members may attend all meetings at a reduced fee and may earn continuing education credit.
  • Scholarships to major programs are available to members based on financial need.
  • Members may join committees of SPS and develop strong collegial relationships with other members.
  • Members are listed on the SPS website.
  • Members may present at SPS workshops and meetings.
  • Members can arrange to have one-to-one mentorship with advanced clinicians.
  • Members may use the SPS listserv for distribution of information appropriate to the SPS mission.

Who is eligible for membership?:

  • Licensed or certified clinicians
  • Psychoanalytic candidates
  • Early career licensed clinicians (first 3 years of practice) and psychoanalytic candidates
  • Pre-license certified clinicians working toward full licensure
  • Residents, students, and interns who are interested in exploring psychoanalytic thought and developing clinical skills
  • Non-clinicians who are interested in psychoanalytic thought as applied to literature, art, films, child development, parenting, relationships, and many other areas of interest

Annual Membership Dues:

Licensed/Certified Clinician (renewing) $200.00
New Clinician Member (1st year only) $100.00
Early Career Clinician (first 3 years of practice) $100.00
First Time Clinician Member – Retired*$100.00
Candidates $100.00
Resident, Student, Interns, pre-license clinicians$50.00
Non-Clinical Academic $75.00

*Membership fees for retirees will be waived for those who have maintained membership in the Society for at least two years.

How do I become a member? 

You can download and mail the membership application below with your payment.

Membership Info & Application form

Or If You Have Questions - Please Contact: 

Tucson—Barbara Inselman-Temkin, PhD,, 520-990-0147

Phoenix—Richard Gottlieb, MD, PsyD,, 480-477-7793