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Blooming Brittlebush

Gilbert Kliman, MD

Saturday, May 4, 2024    9:30am – 3:30pm MST
Registration & Coffee 8:30am – 9:30am MST

Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch Resort
3501 N. Hacienda del Sol Road, Tucson, AZ

 Attendance:  in-person and via Zoom

Program: Morning and Afternoon

A child emerges resiliently from traumatic intellectual restraints. During the past 58 years Dr. Kliman has manualized, disseminated, published, video-recorded and researched a preschool method called Reflective Network Therapy.

One of Dr. Kliman's video recordings will be the main focus. It will show in detail a single session's treatment how resilient a constricted, cognitively inhibited and socially withdrawn preschooler became when communicating within a supportive public school special educational group. The child analyst interpreted trauma-related unconscious meaning of the distraught preschooler's chaotic nonverbal behavior. The child became increasingly verbal, social and over 8 months had a remarkable I.Q. gain of 31 points.

Lasting adult aftermath of childhood traumas in foster care, resilience crushed.  Dr. Kliman will discuss and illustrate the use of psychoanalytic interviewing and knowledge to assist marginalized persons have social justice with the help of expert testimony. He has testified in over 400 cases, some of them class actions, helping thousands of children throughout the nation. In over a half century of his forensic expert work, foster care systems, churches, residential facilities and schools have had to pay almost three billion dollars in jury awards and settlements. Dr. Kliman will show parts of video recorded interviews with three brothers severely abused in foster care.

Presenter: Dr. Gilbert Kliman earned his degree from Harvard Medical School and is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and a Senior Fellow of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. After his child psychiatric training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he founded three nonprofit organizations dedicated to childhood mental health services: The Center for Preventive Psychiatry, the Foster Care Study Unit at Columbia University College of Medicine and Surgery, Department of Child Psychiatry, and The Children’s Psychological Health Center, Inc. He has served as Medical Director of The Children’s Psychological Health Center in San Francisco since 1993 and Chairman of the Harlem Family Institute from 2020-2022. Dr. Kliman is the creator of Reflective Network Therapy, an evidence-based synergistic child therapy method which he practices and continues to research throughout the country and around the world. In addition, his practice of forensic child psychiatry often leads to his testifying in federal and state courts. He has testified in over 375 major cases.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. List three ways in which RNT is a different technique than child analysis in an office.
  2. Name two or more factors which may account for the IQ gains seen with RNT and not seen among control and comparison patients.
  3. Understand why a psychoanalytic point of view about the long term effects of childhood trauma has special value in a court room and goes far beyond a behavioral cross section.
  4. Consider the power of adverse childhood events research in forecasting psychosomatic problems and physical health care costs over a victim’s lifetime.

Continuing Education
This program meets criteria for 4.75 hours of CE credits for Psychologists in the State of Arizona. Participants must attend the entire event. An evaluation form will be emailed to you after the program. Upon submission of the completed form, a Certificate of Attendance will be emailed.

In addition to psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and trainees, special educators and play therapists may be interested to attend. Dr. Kliman's work has relevance for those interested in childhood and adult trauma, autism, and education of special needs children.

Agenda *
8:30 Registration & coffee
9:30 Welcoming remarks
9:45 Presentation and video recording
11:15 Break
11:30 Q & A
12:00 Lunch
         Comments by Dr. Kliman - “An Analyst’s Long Career Off the Couch” (in-person only)
1:15 Presentation and video recording
2:45 Break
3:00 Q & A 3:30 Adjournment

(*Hours of Attendance for Zoom attendees will be 9:30am – 12:00pm and 1:15pm – 3:30pm MST, excluding the lunch break.)

In Person Attendance
Includes Lunch

Mental Health Professionals $180
SPS Members$165

Attendance Via Zoom

Mental Health Professionals $140
SPS Members$125