If you are interested in psychoanalytic thinking, or would like to learn more about the psychoanalytic community and programs offered in Tucson, Phoenix and nationally, mentorship may be of interest to you.

The Southwest Psychoanalytic Society maintains a list of Mentors who are members of the Society interested in sharing their knowledge of and passion for psychoanalytic thinking and therapy. Mentees can be students, clinicians new to clinical practice, or more seasoned clinicians interested in learning more about psychoanalytic approaches. The mentorship relationship is a collaborative and exploratory relationship aimed at fostering the mentee’s professional identity. Mentorship is neither psychotherapy nor supervision.

Mentor and Mentee will decide on frequency of meetings, with once a month a minimum.  The content of the meetings will be decided by exploration of the mentee’s interests.  Some suggestions are:

(1) Discussions of current psychoanalytic interests such as ethics, opportunities and confusions presented by multiple theories, changing analytic ideas about gender identity, etc. The Society has posted on its website, a list of readings provided by the American Psychoanalytic Association, which may be a useful resource (under Links – Publications)
(2) Distribution of material about national continuing education opportunities and ongoing discussions of such opportunities.
(3) Discussion and guidance of opportunities to interface with local arts, sciences and social issues.
(4) Discussion and guidance of establishing local study groups.
(5) Case consultation with an emphasis on how a case illustrates a particular interest of study or research of the mentee. Ongoing supervision is not a part of the mentor-mentee relationship.

Click here to view the Mentorship Guidelines and waiver form.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Barbara Inselman-Temkin at 520-990-0147 or
Dr. Richard Gottlieb at 480-477-7793 or